Just Talk

Talking is very easy to do by everyone in this world. Talking is natural as a human being.

Speaking with meaning like lecture, advise, sermon, or whatever the name is still easy to do.

Anyone can do it !!!

The biggest problem of talking is to understand the talking, which speaks of the meaning and meaning of the talk.

Has it done that what he’s been talking about ????

By the way it would be useful if the one who has done it perfectly. As proof that what he said came true.

So before anyone else does that he has done it


Share it

Be grateful is personal, grateful is good for self-interest. Being grateful does not need anything / material from us.

Being grateful is the attitude, repson, our self-response to the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive from waking up to getting back to sleep.

It is not too difficult to do though it requires a long process. Being grateful is the manifestation of our own identity.

The hardest in this world is sharing.

Sharing in real terms, useful, and useful not just for a moment. Sharing not only gives !!!!

Sharing is the most noble act to build relationships between people. Not everyone in the world is willing and willing to share.

Sharing is not an adjective but a verb, meaning there must be something we give either material or non material.

Sharing is for others so that what we give is directly beneficial to the recipient.

A simple example, sharing to hear the complaints of a good friend that we know or not. Want to listen carefully and at the end provide the solution as we can.

Big Criminal In World

The smallest to the greatest culprits always have motivation, mission and vision, goals, goals, and victims. Crime is not only because of problems outside himself but also can grow from within himself.

Evil is always impure, dishonest, never acknowledges its actions.

This means that someone who has committed crimes always absent, run away, and escape from a crime. Generally like this.

It is humane because after being satisfied to do evil then realize that he must be responsible. So instead of being held accountable then run away.

Crime can be solved if the system is good and correct.

Examples of drug cases in Indonesia. The security system at airports and ports is the main key as the entrance. If both entrances have been optimized then the drugs will not be able to enter.

Both cross-provincial routes must also be kept optimal as the second door.

Overcoming drug crimes must be by system not with others. Any rule, any punishment will not work, not strong. Security system must be super optimal, inspection system must be optimal, land line operational system must be optimal.

Drug crime is a super extra ordinary crime because the boss is never caught !!! This means that the big boss is always safe whenever. Drugs are not just crimes against humanity but big businesses are not limited to operational funds.

Many times the perpetrators and users are always caught but the big boss never.

To Be Nice

do not you feel great in this world

do not you always feel right what you say

do not you feel right what you think

do not you feel good about your attitude and behavior

you must not always be above all things

what are you doing in this world for?

this world continues somehow

only the inhabitants have limitations

only trees that are hundreds of years old

probably animals that are aged up to tens of years

humans are limited in age

age is not getting better

aging adds to the stupidity

increasing the age of the senses more and more do not want to hear

age-added attitudes and behaviors beyond the limits

getting older .. people do not want to be conscious

age … …. people still do not want to realize

for his mistake in this world


The prostitution mode is manifold, much preferred for a prostitute. Professional prostitutes are very different from women who want to earn money just prostitute themselves.

A professional prostitute belongs to a professional organization.

So the level of confidentiality is very high, not everyone can access to get the services of prostitutes.

One of the hallmarks of professional prostitutes like this:

– generally serving the rich

– his performance is fascinating, beautiful, sexy, master the technique of sexuality game perfectly on the bed

– intelligently communicate with their customers

– maintain body shape with fitness exercises, maintain good muscle body, and major vaginal treatments

– the rate is millions of rupiah for short duration

– usually like to serve in five-star hotel

Professional prostitute is very expert in the field of sexuality so as to satisfy the customer to the climax. This is make different between the professional whore.

Crime Personality

Every crime never stops and never stands alone. People who do evil have the motivation, vision and mission, goals, and targets to be addressed.

All crime has a backdrop that is the main trigger. So when it is formed arises the intention as the main trigger of success of a crime.

Either the smallest to the greatest crime always has the same intentions. It is this malevolent intent that guides a person to carry out his will to succeed.

During this time as long as there is intention then all crimes have been done well.

The problem is afterwards. After the crime has been realized then usually the solution is not perfect.

This is why all crimes were successfully revealed by POLICE.

People who do evil are not intelligent, imperfect, unable to find the best solution of the crime.

Because crime is more dominated by grudge, anger, emotion, out of control, because it focuses more only on the beginning of evil. Important key targets can be accomplished…


The wheel of life is always spinning endlessly in this world. At times we feel comfortable, calm, well-established economic situation even excessive, healthy families, children succeed as expected.

All will be happy and joyful. As if happiness always accompanies.

But life is not always the case.

Life in the world is like a currency that has two sides of a picture or a different photo. Around the world the shape and image of one side’s currency is always different.

The front view is much more interesting and gives the impression of elegance, steady, a struggle is over.But not everyone in this world can enjoy the beauty and joy like the rich.

Poor people around the world are experiencing the same fate. The rich are also the same.The difference is only about the amount of money, the amount of property, and the number of opportunities.

Poverty imposes limitations on many things except to enjoy God’s creation. All of God’s creations are free and free to enjoy.
Rich people are able to enjoy human creation and are free to enjoy at any time.