Dolly Legend At Surabaya City

Dolly and Jarak The Legend Place In Surabaya city

Dolly and Jarak a both name is not exist again, no one can find that both of name in Surabaya City. It means the name had erased by Surabaya Goverment. Jarak only name of the street.

Only that, just name nothing else.

At this moment this area quite, not crowded anymore. 4 years ago this are so crowded, live 24 hours, that the best whore locations for satisfied the sexual customer love the sexy girls.

Now, this situation at Dolly at the grave. Quite and business getting up slowly like small bisnis such as laundry, motor service, sell cellphone voucher, sell food and drink. Step by step business getting better and better.

Business getting better without the whore because used to business depend on prostitute business like the whore, bar, karaoke. Now had change…..Dolly and Jarak like new area.

The street is not full like used to.

The whore get out, disappeared, gone since the Surabaya government give order to leave this locations. Although the whore and the crew again and protest but useless.

All the whore and the whore businessmen can not say anything about this government decision. The government had total to close this locations. And forever can open again to start the prostitute business in this area.

History is history but no one can not erased this both of name.

Surabaya citizen just accepted the decision from government to close totally from the whore business. But one again the name can erased from the memory. Both of name be legend, be history for this town. The name will legend forever.


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