Why The Prostitute Be Choice

Profetion is choice for everyone in this world. Any one can select any position in many job depend on ability. Be prostitute is hard and difficult.

In many country the whore is spread in many place, sometime the amount is not control by government,

A long time ago 4 years ago since the whore place Dolly closed is “NIGHT PARADISE IN SURABAYA CITY”. The quetion is why many women choose this jobs ?

Although the locations center dominate by womenn but sometime some transgender such as ‘LADYBOY or SHEMALE’ join at the the whore locations center.

Dolly has gone.

But I like to say that it doesn”t means the prostitute is disappear in this world. Whore is never gone from this world.

The place can destroy by any one, by government but the habit of prostitute is not easy to erased. Why ? Because be whore is charakter, passion, desire, easy jobs to find money.

What modal be prostitute ?Just body only and service for customer. Be a whore must be able satisfied the customer play sexual.

And the whore can be get the price useful the service. More rilexs and enjoy so customer be happy


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