Why The Prostitute Locations Closed

Maybe anyone will ask him self in deep heart, why ? Anyreason to closed that place because the build location for along time ago. Not 1 or 10 years but along..along time ago maybe.

And that time society not protess when the government give permission to build prostitute are in town atau out town.

Perhaps too, prostitute locations happen, build in Indonesia only !!!! May situation at AS,Europe, another will different concept to think about the whore.

Now, Dolly and Jarak..famous name from Surabaya gone by name. Remember loyal readers, too pity to loose all about that place. So many experience I can share.

What experience ? Too much…..I leave in Dolly and Jarak almost 30 years.

And I am not live….but I learn about this place, research about this place, and deeply serouisly learn the whore live.

Ok, back to title why prostitute location Dolly and Jarak closed.

The reason is clear and absurd, because step by step this place will death inside. Because the visitor is not full anymore, getting down faster and will be loose, whore business is not interesting anymore.

The government is not agree anymore to continue the whore business although the management by private businessman.

It pity…U agree readers ????? It up to U depend on U side vision.


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