Prostitute Is Not Always Poor

Sometime people think all the whore is poor and stupid, uneducated person, etc. Actually that all right but not all them like that. At Dolly and Jarak used to be a few a whore is smart ladies.

She can speak mandarin, cantones, English because she ever be illegal workers abroad in Hongkong atau Taiwan.

I had spent a lot time with her. So I am not waste my time to talk and share many problem about this new choice to be whore. And her answer make me surprise and shock me !!

Because she want collect a lot of money with fun.

Sex is fun and she can enjoy play sex with the customer. She not shy or something, she doesn’t care what people about her jobs. It is ok to whore as long as not to be bad job like drunker or something useless.

And she added that this is my choice although at home she is not poor at all.


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