Criminal Case

Criminal do the action depend situation, condition, dan opportunity. Each country in this world have the different act to do criminal.

The way of criminal and motif always the same by criminal.

All criminal have rules dan attitude the same always get money without hard work, fast, and happy ending after act.

Such as in big city in Indonesia, the criminal start small until big happen and never stop. Small act criminal happen at public transportation like Angkutan Kota/ small mini van, train, or bus. Pick pocket can operational in many place around the world included in recreation places. Because crowded and many people busy enjoy the traveling.

Perhaps the same happen in many country.

Important point from criminal act is they have a family and the family know that the husband act by criminal. And no questions why the lovely husband choice to select criminal.

As I know be criminal is jobs.

Jobs as criminal doing profesional and not afraid to stay in jail. The criminal always get money from the victim and never think any else.

The criminal always follow the principal that I just take the money and not take they live. But if situations out control and no way out so I had to kill the victim to depend our self.


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