Prostitute Like Money Than Sex

Goals to be the whore is jobs or looking for money. Sex is part of jobs to be whore. Consequensi be a whore is so hard and dengerous her life.

Sometime whore hired by bigboss to get customer.

This bigboss control 100% the whore life because th bigboss serve a place to stay and room for sex. And this big boss duty is find customer.

This Bigboss have organize a many whore. This business is so calm and not clear for anyone. Only certain customer know how find the best whore before.

Actually not all the whwore like sex !!!

But th whore must pretend love sex with customer as if the whore satisfied on the bed. And customer is like happy too.

The first motivation generally is money. Only money when the whore play sex with customer because the whore get two point.

First point the whore get a lot of money and second they get satisfaction by sex. Many customer cheated bay whore as if the whore satisfied when have together.


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