Gold Problem

Why men to so much love gold ? I am curios because a gold like a worth thing than human relation.

Maybe we do not since when a men love a gold ? Since when gold the first time found by human in the world ? If we look back a long time-time ago many kingdom collect a gold as jewelry for the queen.

But a record to make sure when and who the first time found a gold !!!

Why many people so much in love with the gold. Where in somewhere gold always to search and sure destroy a beautiful nature.

Earth prepared anything for human being. Many source a useful by human interest like oil, gold, iron, gas etc.

But only gold maybe only gold people feel in love to have it. And this one of problem for human relation and show conflict with the other. Many land destroy by gold.

A gold can make blind for anyone. Gold is trigger be war and make low dignity human rase in the world. As if gold is GOD. Men always looking for and never looking for good friends.

Gold is not just iron but can use business. Price of gold int the world stabil, consistent. Any bank always accepted a gold as save or trade.

A gold make many people suffer and be a war to collect it.

Nature will destroy and damaged. Nature take a long time for rebuild like used to be. Have a gold like a have safety save. Anytime gold be sell at many bank, gold store, or insurance.


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