Life Is Complicated

A whore a realize what her done. Before she chose be prostitute she always prepared anything be a whore. Life is complicated some people can survive but some people getting down, be bad guy, be criminal, be useless person.

Is not coincidence be a whore. She must think seriously to chosen this job and no one influence her choice be a whore. All had thought before deeply.

Be a whore is choice and many reason some can not explain why beautiful lady be a whore. Experience at Dolly and Jarak for along along time I can not know why this happen !!!!!!

Because not only poor conditions at home or stupid chose this jobs by a women. It is about a life who can give a money ???

I ever asked of of them and her answer in not clears. But I can anylized that be whore is about a life and run from a big problem. But a whore have a decitions and take a big risk, anything risk always accepted.


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