Rules Of Life By Criminal

All criminal have a rules about how to spend result of criminal. Not always places to spend a lot of money until million rupiah from criminal act.

In Surabaya used to a long time a ago when Dolly and Jarak still operated, criminal always stay at Dolly and Jarak a whore location for having fun and spent they act. Only a whore location us the best place for them.

A result dorm criminal is not good for save at bank or some place. In they rules, in criminal rules beliave or not, they believe that the money from criminal is not glory.

Criminal called ‘HOT MONEY’ is means the money can not save or buy good thing in this world because they act is quilty, wrong, and so bad.

Criminal money understood karma.

They realized that rules and they know about karma. But they ignore what have done before. All risk is criminal life.

So to forget and celebrate they result form act must spent to whore place. Doing sex, drunk, sing a song at karaoke, treesome, sex until in the morning.

All criminal will caught fast by cops if save the money at someplace. If they spend all the money…they have more chance to act again doing criminal. In Indonesia..criminal believe that actions and writer do not know with other country !!! But my opinoin all criminal is always the same…….about the principal of rules for doing bad thing.


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