Bad Habits Like A Liar

Liar is low criminal in the world. If a someone start doing liar so this proved doing criminal. Step by step will be increase be bigger and bigger.

If someone inside can control faster so stop bad habit. Liar like coward…..never trust what he say or her done.

This basic for doing criminal because all criminal doing start will small bad thing in their life. Believe or not when someone what ever kids or young if brave to liar with another person.

This liar can happen in anywhere.

Parent have a duty to educated thie children always talk and act true what have done.

A big problem start at home. Not economic only but lovely parent never exist will trigger a criminal in kind inside. Many criminal form broken family not about money.

Lovely family will part away from criminal passion for kids. As long asat home all family can share love never stop. love can secure a pain in heart.

Love is majestic, power, to care and save a criminal. Criminal always thirsty about love and car from lovely family. Parent can control and share love to all kind deeply and true a given.

Jail will be paradise place for all criminal in the world…..jail never a sacred anymore….for what build a jail for human being !!!!!!!


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