Sex Love

Once experience at Dolly and Jarak a whore place is about customer to much love to sex with a whore. At Dolly and Jarak I have a small business like motor cycle park privat.

One day I can earn Rp100.000.

My home side a street between Dolly and Jarak. Live there since I was a kid untill 30 age. As long as I lived there I have many experience.

I will to tell U about a story. It is real story I get from customer.

Called a Joni. He falling in love with a pretty a whore and one a week he come to Dolly. He fuck that a whore fos short time.

I really know him because we closed. When he come to Dolly he parked his motor cycle to my place. After he fuck at Dolly he take a rest a few a minute and talk to me at my place.

So asked him why do you like to fuck with a whore ?

He answer like this, this answer he like to fuck a whore because she can play sex so hot and sexy at bedroom. Altough have a wife handsome, have a nice jobs but he like to fuck a whore. His wife can not play sex better than a whore.

Th a whore can play sex very very good and make him satisfied with her sex service so hot.

wow….I believe his story because his tell the truth about whore sex.


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