Cruel Man At Dolly And Jarak

At Dolly and Jarak is the best location to learning meaning of life. True life happen really everyday for 24 a hour. Many kind of life a human being with many character people.

It is true a loyal readers.

Situation at Dolly and Jarak like a big book fill about human life. This is deserved a live by many people visiting a prostitute.

Many background people, I called sex customer a crazy falling in love with sex a whore, many adore sex a whore a bedroom and make them really crazy. Cruel or not, kind or not all I can see. Around the world character a human being just the same.

I learned about human life as long as i stayed there for 30 year. I can know directly people have bad habit or not, have passion bad or good I can see from his mimic.

So experience I can share that people bad or good is depend vision and mission in this life. Do not care life background, education, economic, culture, art, way of thinking.

All the same about passion and target in this life. All come back to the heart, way of thinking based on what ??????

All will be result as usually what have done before.


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