Criminal Life Around Us At Dolly And Jarak

We can not change condition, change nature disater, nature problem is natural always happen in this world. The same at Dolly and Jarak when I stayed there. So many problem around our life, my life like I stay with all criminal citizen, bad guys around our life.

Many people called ” BLACK AREA”.

But I always thinking that this place give me a life, true life in this world. Do U know why loyal readers that Dolly and Jarak give vision about life journey.

At Dolly and Jarak, situation so complex because a whore business and local citizen join stay together in one place. Can U imagine ? Bad people and good people can stay together in the same time and the same place a long long time.

Our family do not bad influence with bad social life what happen out of side doors.

We have principal that our life depend our goal. At Dolly and Jarak every day I saw whore, criminal fought between criminal without clear reason. The cop pull trigger so the sound break the crowded night, situation like a jungle.

Who stronger in the wild will be the champions

Almost I saw view like that.

But..this is life…. as long as we can harmony with them so we can control by mind and heart, and always find safety first in this life. It is true I tell true what happen at Dolly and Jarak. What for I lied to loyal reader?


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