Prostitute Life

A lot of people think quilty after doing sex with whore at Dolly and Jarak other whore place in Surabaya town a long time a ago. At many prostitute locations have indication bad place, negative thought.

As if that palce so bad to visit.

May be sin place. It is not deserved visit because broken the morality !!!! As if a prostitute location is one bad place in this world.

But really is not like that. Dolly and Jarak will be famous place aorund the world !!! Many tourist visited to know they life.

The poin is not location but the human thinking is self. Bad place in this world is JAIL.

Bad or good in this world is depend our self to thinking. With braind, smart thinking we can seroius to think where is bad or good.

And Dolly and Jarak was nice place used to be.

Place on earth never make mistake, all bad thing happen in this world doing by human it self. Only bad and dirty human being be destroyer by nature or human being it self.


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