Prostitute Look Like

Some visitor or sex customer at Dolly and Jarak use some magic to cheated a whore. One of few sex lover used a magic to avoid pay for sex.

As if a whore can not do anything after magic is on.

Like example like. If sex customer deal with a whore at Dolly or Jarak so they go inside the room enjoy short time sex.

After sex is over usually they talked a moment after that a man must paid the price has deal before. So sex lover suddenly act the magic show.

A lot of way use a magic to make the whore can not think clearly, like confuse a moment, loss her mind a moment, loss memory a moment.

This act like to touch her hand and look straight her ayes or say some thing is clear.

And the whore will obey what his say and can not say a little a word, just keep quietly, and nood her head, always agree.

This act for happen quickly, not until 2 minute. After magic succeed, sex lover get out of room with confidence as if had paid sex before.

No one know and usually the whore really what happen after s few minute after sex lover gone. Just cry… law…no rule….this is fate.


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