Way Of Thinking

Every whore realize that this life is bad. Some people dislike her life because always “destroyer a man’ !!!! Is is true or not ?

Once again who come to Dolly and Jarak ?

Who invited them to come ?

No one promoted Dolly and Jarak to media, all media is never. For what promotion to media? Dolly and Jarak is just place…….famous…because mouth to mouth.

Java filosofi say that road is long but mouth is more longer than road. Road limited by land but mouth is unlimited. Dolly and Jarak used to is the whore place and criminal for having fun day and night.

All people always thinking that be whore is bad.

But never thinking why a women choose that jobs ? Why…..and why…this is never seriously discuss deeply about a whore. As U know loyal readers…….that many reason…many …too many reason and complicated so find solutions baout a whore.

It is not easy to talk a whore life and the reason why will be.

Once reason is because of a man power,…a man habit….a man….be…head of family…a man is economic..head at home…this is one reason…..


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