True Love Story

At Dolly and Jarak not only sex and criminal what the prostitute doing there. Once again is not like that everyday. But sometime there is a love story.

True love happen at Dolly and Jarak as a whore locations center.

I found that a true story between a whore and a handsome criminal. It is true story I will share to U all my loyal readers. Story happen like this.

A whore a called Santi, pretty a whore come from village, she was proffesional a whore, has beautiful face and sexy body join relationship with customer.

The customer falling in love with her.

At the beginning Santi doesn’t know about her customer jobs. He was criminal, his operational criminal out of town, and often come just to see her.

So they falling in love and then they share each other talk frankly about his job. Santi accepted his jobs ask to stop that jobs.He was agree and change his jobs as taxi driver. Santi quuick be a whore and be nice wife.

They married after talk the truth about love and left criminal world and left Dolly and Jarak forever. I know them because they talk to me after a few year later.


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