Way Of Life Slogan

Slogan citizen around Dolly and Jarak is as long as u life so thus u business, take it self bad or good. Nature can not control by human but human must realize that his life depend on earth, nature. So be wisdom to chose her life it self.

So altough life together but business can mix…all people have own principal in this life.

Does citizen life around Dolly and Jarak angry or dispointed with the Surabaya government to close this area forever ???As u know loyal readers Surabaya government do not have this area. Nothing to do by citizen around Dolly and Jarak.

Only have permission to open sex business for big boss. That it is.

Impact this decitions all business support sex business as main course at Dolly and Jarak collapse. No coment for citizen to coment.

No change to give coment why this area closed !!!

Becuase by citizen this place give a life and can make many business. All problem have many side not only two side. So from where to see deeply to understand where is come from real problem is at Dolly and Jarak.

All problem in this world always have definition. Not only wrong and wright, black and white. All depent a prolem is self.

All ciriten can not protest with this wisdom by Surabaya government althougt this area belonging to citizen it self.

What the citizen do ?

Life must change…Now Dolly and Jarak change forever new look be like new area be better. Life is always like this…from where we can see…that is our think…and be principal..be rules….do not care what people see


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