Hurt At Dolly And Jarak

Many important lesson about life as long as life at Dolly and Jarak Surabaya. A long time ago when I lived there I contact many person who I never know who there are !!!

But from sex customer or person who I met before I can learn something usefull in my life.

The first, I can learn about a life it self. In this world many people have many goal as his way of life. At Dolly and Jarak, a prostitute have many goal why they work as a whore.

Some people would not understood about her goal.

So I can learn many thing about goal of life or way of life. All depend passion inside from deep heart. Smart or not is doesn’t matter because all people want have a good nice life.

At Dolly and Jarak many whore have different way of life. Money is always number one but not only money be a whore !!!!

some a whore is broken hurt, broken life, sick by violence by her husband so she want get her life back.

She want her life back like used to with different way. Be a whore she found satisfaid to have sex with many men. Be a whore she fill happy, proud, and be a life to secure her sick of life. This is no one know that a whore is human too like us.

Second, I can learn that in bad place is not all really bad, there a pearl in a dessert !!!


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