Our Lives Matter

Why life at Dolly and Jarak is not safe or uncomfortable ? Some people think like that stay at a whore locations is not fill comfort.

Comfort or not depend our think it self. Our family was not big problem at all as long as stay at Dolly and Jarak. Bad or good environment influence us if we can control our habit, out religiuos, our spiritualitas, our iman……and our goal in this life.

Our family doesn’t matter with a whore or criminal at Dolly and Jarak.

At Dolly and Jarak a long along time is nice place to stay and open business. But condition is different with other environment like neightboor.

Once thing as long as stay at Dolly and Jarak always give glamour life, every day listent music, dangdut music, show drunk sex customer walk a side road, a whore with sexy dress.

But they never distrub us as citizen at Dolly and Jarak.

Like oil and water stay together but never mix.

This life belonging forever used to be. Between visitor and citizen have different way of life. Sex customer want have happy and fun. That’s it.

So citizen can comfort enjoy in this life at Dolly and Jarak. Only perpectifs other person bad about this place. But bad or good locations deeply inside. No one know if we have bad or good !!! As long as we not show it off.


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