Soft Criminal Cheater

Do you know readers about cheater ? This is real happen, it si true happen and be a hot topic at Dolly and Jarak.

Criminal cheater is proffesional group prove act at Dolly and Jarak used to be. They act with a group more than 3 person.

They look a like a rich man, styles, glamour, nice shoes, have a car, handsome, nice talking with target.

At Dolly and Jarak, they stay in cost/ rent a room for a month or two month after that moved to other place but around Dolly and Jarak.

They come from out of Java Island.

For Dolly and Jarak citizen doesn;t matter because the act never distrubed. They operandi/modus like this.

They separate, one be first like trigger, one be rich a man spoke Melayu, one be rich man like buyer. They modus sell Rolex Watch fake.

The price was expensive between Rp1-2 million. At that time so expensive. And target the bis bos make decision who there is ???

Usually, rich man who come to Dolly and Jarak, alone, look stupid, body not strong, mentality was weak. Criminal cheater understood how get a victim.

Modus like that evening they separate the distance was close but suddenly if see a victim they act fast to get closed and play real drama. Action like sell Rolex Watch to other friend to set up them like really.

Some action work and some time failed. Citizen called them ” bajingan lembut” soft criminal. Because the victim do not know if they had cheated.


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