Fighting At Dolly And Jarak

At Dolly and Jarak like jungle life. No rules, no atituted, no understanding between sex customer/visitor/guess who the same love whore. Fighting like this like be having fun.

It does mean that at Dolly and Jarak often fight between them.

And no one try to stop them when fought. Many reason was not clear why they fought !! Suddenly on street some of them fought with brutal.

Situation get a long view minute. Almost everyday fight like this happen and be nice view like jungle and all visitor, sex loiver must be like champions must be brave to fight to increase dignity in this life.

Many person just shaw what happen without try so stop because was usesles. Some person who fought get hurt until died at place.

Only POLICE have right brave to stop them. Usually many Cops walk away around Dolly and Jarak. This fought between sex customer often happen at Dolly and Jarak.

This view was cool and interesting by visitor to look live show. This is true a long long time ago. By citizen at Dollly and Jarak conditions like this is normal and accepted like ritual life.

No one separated because is not his business. It is Yours.


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