My Way

At Dolly and Jarak many whore depending they life to kindness sex lovers. And there is a old whore still loyal stay forever be a whore.

And I curios about her passion be prostitute until get old. Why ?

I talked to her at night when she done. I really know her the house or wisma is not too far from my home. I just walk to her place and discuss about her reason.

She is okay when I asked many questions about the reason stay for along time at prostitute place like Jarak. As U know a loyal readers for Dolly specialize high price and all the whore is so young.

And Jarak is second place, some of them old ages between 30-60 years. Every sex lover understood about this this class.

The reason make me surprised me that she love sex and this my way. Sex is part of me in this life. She start be whore when still young, low economic, and low educated. This is my way be whore she admit true to me.

Be a whore is choice….like life is choice too………………who fault ???????


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