Bigger Man

At Dolly and Jarak many sex customer or sex lover want have sex with beautiful whore and sex body. The reason the customer as a man want satisfied at bedroom.

It is normal for a men.

All sex lover want sexy body to have sex. Bigtits, wet pussy, nice butt, nice hole will a nice choice for sex lover. All sex lover want have full of time enjoy sexy body with sex style.

But I understand that a whore will satisified have a sex with sex love if the cock is big and strong like wood.

One of them whore at Dolly and Jarak told me like that. She and I really friendship, we know each other because she my home place.

One day we talk about sex and I surprised when she really satisfied if the customer sex have big and long dick !!!! But she never talk to customer about big cock. She kept a secret about it. If sex lover come and choose her and then play sex a bed room she will happy deep inside heart if see his cock big and strong. She will happy to have a sex. She does’n care about his body but care to happy with big dick/cock.

She really enjoy have sex with many style and really happy see big cock. Big cock is powefull ti achive climaxmfor sex at bedroom.

Wow……she like big cock/big dick give the wonderful sensations of sex.


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