Magic Powers

At Dolly and Jarak I got good experience from my customer who come to my home to park his motorcycle. My business like give service to all my customer.

I must do better to have fun to them and I wish they all always come back again to place.

And sometime I talked to them. I try to open mind and recieve what they look like. All customer come to home I never ask his name, his address, his job and his family.

4 question I never asked.

Do you know why ? Because if I try ask they will lie. So I know about this and our conversation about whore, criminal, goal of life, prostitute, business, magic, social media.

Easy topic about sex is also number one.

One day a man, my park customer talk to me about magic. He have a magic power in his body. First I do not believe but he proved to me.

He have many strong power to stand with knife and strike. So his body can stand with metal material can hurt his body. Like a knife can’ hurt his skin at all although knife cut his skin. Many criminal always use magic powers as succeed his act and they so believe.

Wowh….like real and really magic because this magic use for doing criminal and save his soul. I really surprise with his action because he always carry a small knife to act criminal and kill a victim.


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