A Good Business

At Dolly and Jarak many criminal stay there at rent a house. It is mean rent a room in the house we called ‘kost’. They must pay per a month.

Minimum per room about Rp300000.

At house have many room. Why the criminal especially low criminal or small criminal like pick pocket, thief, or wild criminal ?

Because they have a whore girl friend work at Dolly or Jarak.

And they can directly spend result of criminal with a lovely whore. And second they can run quickly from police target if the Police want to catch them.

A whore and criminal like nice couple in the world.

A whore realize that have boy friend as criminal and this unique view at Dolly and Jarak. Many criminal from many city at East Java have a girl friends at Dolly and Jarak.

Not only sex but true love happen at Dolly and Jarak.

Rent a room is good business at Dolly and Jarak for the citizen because a good business.


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