Life Is Strange

During Dolly and Jarak stand life as paradise in Surabaya City along time ago. Special entertainment in city which each man with a whore well presented. Whore give everything for having fin day n night for sex lover.

Various efforts rapidly growing and highly profitable for the surrounding communities.

Now Dolly and Jarak become dark memories for local communities. Memories that will not be forgotten until the end of life on earth ends.

Memories that leave a lot of memories and valuable experience especially for me.

Growth in Indonesia’s biggest brothel, Dolly and Jarak able to shape the character of myself as a person who has the best mentality.

The indication I was able to adapt to a variety of human characters, to quickly recognize the evil nature of man, is able to recognize the criminal character .

Besides being able to study the life of a prostitute the truth. It is true that life is not simple like breath….we must learn n learn about this life journey…….

Dolly and distance provide valuable lessons as whole human beings. Environment we can not change, but we can live in harmony with the environment.


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