Problem Solving

Prostitution is actually a social and economic problem not another matter. The problems that occur in all prostitution localities such as Dolly and Jarak in Surabaya City in the past are social and economic.

Prostitution is present in society not abruptly but there is a process that supports it.

Dolly and Jarak as an example alone is the impact of a social problem that occurs in society. For example, the wife left by the husband because of an affair.

Who is not angry? So to vent the anger of his wife he prostitutes himself.

Economy, economic crush, high cost of living in big cities with an indication of the cost of education is increasing every year causing high graduates at elementary school or junior high.

Because of the low intelligence level then there is a saying in Dolly and Jarak “DURING NOT EVEN WHY IN A BUSINESS SO PREVIOUS”.

This means that for prostitutes at that time, prostitution is not wrong because it does not harm anyone. Prostitutes actually haugar haega himself to someone in exchange for the appropriate pay.

There is demand and there is a need


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