Evil Act

At Dolly and Jarak whore location at Surabaya used to be, a valuable lesson for me is to appreciate feelings, learn the norms, the true ethics of life in this world.

On the sidelines of job as motorcycle parking, I always learn a lot to hear from customers.

Although negative, it means a lot of uncomfortable stories, criminal stories, stories that do not fit your heart, but this is the real life lesson.

Not all life paths are always beautiful !!!!

From a crime story I can learn to avoid evil deeds. I understand and understand how to distinguish between evil and evil itself.

Evil is not necessarily the perpetrator of the bad guys.

However, people who have the nature of evil is also not necessarily dare to commit crimes such as stealing to corruption.

Both are big differences because the evil deeds can be done by whoever, do not know the class, do not know anything.


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