Bad Life In Jail

One lesson that can be learned at Dolly and Jarak is respect for others. How can it be like that ? Life is a choice.

In Dolly and Jarak life so complex.

Between those who do good and do no good gathered together. Criminal, prostitutes, united criminals enjoy the nightlife with good people.

Not everything in Dolly and jarak all do evil !!!

This is the importance of appreciating that the world is not just for good people. There are times when it must be shared with evil.

Evidently humans built prisons in this world.

Prisons are clear evidence that life is always bad. Jail collection of people who do wrong, mistakenly, the result in jail is not prove be more good people after out from jail. No prove can proved.

Same with life in Dolly and Jarak prostitution place at that time.

Respecting your fellow man is important even if he is guilty as long as it does not violate and hurt us.


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