Arrogant Man For Sex

Pride is easily visible in the Dolly and Jarak sex whore localization. So far, localization has been the best location for studying human attitudes and behavior.

Clear attitude and arrogant behavior.

There are many visitors who show their arrogance by showing off excessive money just to pay hookers for Rp100.000 per hour? So what ???????

A lot of money shows itself as a rich man!!!!

There are others who wear expensive fashion, hp latest, expensive clothes just to play sex with whore. While in the room talking her pride if she’s a rich man. A whore just listen what he said.

Pride is also seen when he comes along with friends who are big and strong. As if carrying a hero to secure himself.

Most likely with arrogance is shown to bring immense pride. This is an important lesson that pride takes place everywhere in the world.

And what for? There is no point, useless in this life.


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