Smart Business Solution

At Dolly and Jarak I have motor cycle park business, an important lesson like this is how to serve customers with the perfect parking. This means that while maintaining the parking lot I always try to maximize customer service.

For what and what purpose?

Simply hope they always park in my place and become my parking customers. My hope that always parked in my place then there are economic benefits for my parking finance.

How to ?

Look, every customer who always comes to my parking lot is a friend. So I invited him to chat when there was time and opportunity before heading home.

What’s chatting? Yes … chat whatever he wants. Then I gave a glass of mineral water one glass.

My strategy is successful as long as I keep parking because all my customers are satisfied and I always humble my words and my attitude.

I do not care who they are? During the parking at my place then all my friends.


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