Trust In You

For 30 years living in Dolly and Jarak whore locations, writers always learn and learn about the meaning and meaning of living in this world. Why ?

Because Dolly and Jarak as the location of prostitution give deep meaning to the writers.

What I feel is that living in prostitution provides important lessons like appreciating a trust. Trust to someone who has given a much better life.

The writers can be smart and smart because of prostitution.

Businesses that authors manage are heavily dependent on the business conditions of prostitution. If crowded then the result of parking increases if the localization is quiet then the result of motorcycle parking business down.

The life of prostitution has a positive impact on the writers.

The confidence as a parking attendant at Dolly and Distance by the business world of prostitution improves the economy for the family of writers.

This is an honest fact.


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