Live With Your Choices

One of life’s lessons in Dolly and Jarak is that human life in this world is largely determined by intelligent attitudes and behaviors.

Why is that?

In many countries human life is universal, meaning the same name as human life in all parts of the world.

At Dolly and Jarak at used to, the location of prostitution should be aware of where we live. The 24-hour localization lives make the pattern of life largely determined by our attitudes and self-behavior.

As long as we can live in harmony with the environment of prostitution then it will not cause problems.

The harshness of prostitution localization must be overcome in wise and intelligent ways. For example if there is a neighbor who invites drinking alcohol then we must firmly reject it.

But that does not mean we hate the neighbor.

Life is the choice then let everyone decide their choice according to their will. If it can be told no problem but what happens otherwise reject what we said !!!

As long as our life does not harm others then there is no problem. If there is a problem then we must dare to face firmly and intelligently. Effective and efficient communication methods, and understand the existing conditions and environment then any problems can be solved.


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