Really Life At Dolly And Jarak

In Dolly and Distance neighborhood has now turned into a business area in general. In all areas of prostitution such as the city is lonely and dead.

In every alley, the block at Dolly and Jarak is not much activity as in general. Many home left by the owner so conditions like funeral at night so dark.

The homesteads of prostitution houses were left by the owners and left empty. But that does not mean prostitution does not exist anymore !!!

Prostitution is a mistake in choosing a profession that is considered despicable by religion!

Prostitution is not a crime but an impact of human evil in this world. Three series of demons that evil brings the impact of poverty and then ended in prostitution.

Corruption makes a deadly loss to many parties. Poverty brings the economic impact of a nation increasingly hard to develop.

Poverty is a burden for a country that produces a product whose name is a prostitute.

Prostitution will not die in this world like a virus that will not go away on earth. However, prostitution remains multi-risk and multi-cause.

One of them is men not wholeheartedly responsible for women !!!! This fact is not a story when Dolly and Jarak still operated.


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