Good Destiny

There are times when good fortune happens in Dolly and Distance as the location of prostitution in the city of Surabaya. The good fate that befell some prostitutes who changed him much better.

Some good prostitutes when a rich man marries her. Any reason why a rich man want to marry a whore at Dolly and Jarak.

Then they open a business together at Dolly and Jarak then successful and rich like opening a restaurant business, massage business for men and women.

In general, prostitutes married by rich people around Dolly and Distance because of the beauty of prostitutes and physical perfection and age is still young about 20 years.

Good fortune can happen where in this world. What’s in the word ????

A whore be turn life be better and become rich and successful in this world and this fact and writer can prove if anyone want to know !!!


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