I Love You

At Dolly and Jarak Surabaya used ti be there is one interesting phenomenon that changes the good fortune that occurs in the fate of prostitutes. In general, prostitutes come from poor rural families.

Generally like that.

Well, the good fortune that happens in prostitution is to marry someone he loves. The migrants who diligently come whores with prostitutes sometimes want to marry a prostitute.

Love with customers often happens because love can grow anywhere.

Not all customers who come to Dolly and Distance are rich people and a lot of money. But if it’s a dating what would be the word ????

Love can happen to anyone in this world.

Prostitutes who fall in love with customers or otherwise will soon leave prostitution and follow the wishes of their husbands.

There are times when prostitutes want to marry customers even if life is simple and can be happy. Because prostitutes themselves are not from the rich.


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