Try Harder

Prostitutes are always trying to change their fate much better. Although prostitution remains a profession, the job she loves.

All prostitutes always dream of leaving this job. At Dolly and Jarak the whore where spent her life be whore always try hard to find a good job as she can.

There are times when prostitutes feel boredom, tired of humanity, so there is always a lot of effort to leave this profession.

But it is not easy for a prostitute.

Fate has an important role for prostitutes in Dolly and Distance, or prostitution in general. If good luck then change can happen.

So the work of prostitutes has a high risk.

There are times when a prostitute continues to prostitute until he is old. Because there is no other choice and already feel comfortable with the prostitute profession attached to him.

Prostitutes are self-conscious about this. For them prostitutes remain a profession until whenever.


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