Nice Guys

Life in the prostitution of Dolly and Jarak Surabaya at that time was very hard. This means that business competition happens every day without stopping.

Dolly and Jarak whore Localization and 24 hours non-stop living distance due to the presence of millions of entrants looking for business. Businesses are growing rapidly like example prostitution businesses, food and beverage businesses.

One of the millions of writers’ experiences is meeting honest and kind people. I am so happy see this guys and I always missed him forever in my whole life.

Very rarely meet honest and good people for 30 years. Authors know them when they come to the parking lot with the traveling food profession.

Call it Pak Ji, he said come from Lamongan East Java Indonesia, his profession of pork meatball seller, his appearance is simple. But every time I meet at the author’s home he is always an honest and good communication.

The grammar was very polite and made us laugh.

From Pak Ji, writers can recognize and understand the development of this world from the other side. He said life always changes for change.

During this time the connotation is very bad about the localization of Dolly and Distance due to the business of prostitution, drunkenness, and gambling. But not everyone who lives in Dolly and Distance is bad.

The author always principled we can not change the location of our self then that change to follow the existing circumstances.

Pak Ji, successfully living this life in a simple and always grateful way.


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