The Phenomenon Live

The phenomenon at Dolly and Jarak for authors provides a tremendous experience for living in this world. Why is that so !!!!

First, in Dolly and jarak the nuances of a harsh environment, social life is not well organized, getting to know the evil world from the smallest to the harshest.

Every day we can learn how good life will be.

Such good lives never hurt feelings, hurt the physical, and there is no intention of committing any crime in this world.

Dolly’s environment and distance as prostitution then forged the mentality of the author to dare to face the rigors of real life.

This is where the author understands the true meaning of life.

One is to understand the meaning and meaning of honesty. Not easy to do honesty in this world. Because honesty is one of the greatest burdens for humans. Honest inner birth is very heavy done by every human being. And the author is always trying to do so until now.


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