Failure In This Live

Prostitutes working in Dolly and Jarak Surabaya at that time there is a success and there is a failure. This means successful to get a lot of customers which means a lot of money.

She can send money to his family in the village, can buy cattle or goats, even can buy land for his future later.

Even more successful her destiny much better by marrying the rich who previously loyal customers.

There is no character or characteristic to be a successful prostitute. But there are some conditions such as perfect body, bigtits, height proportionate, beautiful face even though her mindset is not smart.

Yet beautiful, sexy, attractive looks are not a guarantee of a much better or successful life be whore to change her destiny.

At Dolly and at Jarak as the “biggest” prostitution location in the world at that time it was only DESTINY that determined whether prostitutes failed or succeeded.

Failure means that prostitutes will be prostitutes indefinitely. Professions that are hard to avoid so that prostitutes continue to live in Dolly and Distance in a long time.

Success means being rich with lots of money and not being a prostitute anymore. Not all prostitutes can get a good fortune or good destiny while working in Dolly and in Jarak.

This a true story.


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