Reason Why

There are several reasons why a person chooses to be a prostitute. The author has lived in Dolly and at the Distance for decades so have studied various reasons.

This is why a woman chooses to be a prostitute:

1. poverty

2. ignorance of thinking because of not attending school

3. Left by her lover to remarry

4. sickness then see her husband remarry another young lady

5. circumstances that force like economic debt problems

6. There is a naughty or daring nature to be a prostitute attached to his attitude

7. virginity has been taken by men are not responsible

8. Find a job that can easily be money

9. a temporary way to vent hurt left by a loved one can her husband die and then find a job to support his family.

10. loves sex or loves sex with the opposite sex. There is an amazing pleasure to be able to have sex with various kinds of men


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