Criminal Act

There are several reasons why small-time criminals, lower classes such as pickpockets, home thieves feel at home and like to live in whore localization.

One of them because it feels comfortable living with prostitutes.

The culprit realizes that he is always being chased by the fear of his evil actions that harm others.

In localization such as Dolly and Distance became their nest to spend money on proceeds of crime. Drunk with a prostitute has become the goal of his life.

Dolly and Jarak when still operating 24 hours a long time ago to become an attraction for all criminals to have fun.

Beautiful and sexy prostitutes bring peace to the hearts of criminals. The atmosphere is comfortable and crowded to make the hearts of criminals calm down.

Dolly’s and Jarak Prostitution and the best place spacing are good for criminals for temporary residence and then to plan the next action.

Only residents around understand their existence. The authors understand their existence but it’s good they never disturb the local people.

They understand and realize that they live in prostitution.


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