Real Life

Life in the localization of Dolly and Jarak makes the author always feel grateful. Why ? Because there are many things about real life phenomena that can be learned.

One of them live with good and true society.

In Dolly and Jarak at that time the neighboring life is less harmonious because it is always busy with business. All residents in the Dolly and Jarak neighborhood are always in business.

Indonesian society certainly different from the norms of society abroad.

In Indonesia there are times when harmony becomes expensive because of the busy society itself. One example is when there are stolen citizens’ homes.

There are times when the captured thief will be turned off, killed by local residents.

Strangely the brutal actions of these citizens do not make thieves or perpetrators of crime feared for the actions of citizens. For thieves this is a risk.

Residents working togehther, united on to catch the thief to death on the spot.

For people killing thieves is part of people’s lives. In Dolly and at the distance there is often a death thief who was killed by the citizens.


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