Karaoke Room

At Dolly and jarak one of the big business is fortunately to open a karaoke business. Some are open with large capacity in large buildings such as Dondong until now still open. Loyal readers can see that place still okay running this business.

Karaoke business is very supportive of prostitution in Dolly and Jarak.

In all areas of prostitution Dolly and Jarak karaoke business be the best choice for visitor because some of them not all like to fuck with prostitute.

In the karaoke provided various facilities ranging from low class to VIP class. The simple location only provides a large 42 inch flat screen TV, video karaoke, seating, and service.

The level of beer sales increased sharply with the existence of karaoke business. Besides that the most favorite music only dangdut other does not exist.

Dangdut music is always played at all times in all the Dolly and Proximity prostitution areas.

The migrants come in groups until there are times when drinking up to dozens of beer bottles. Drinking beer became one of the fondness of the settlers while singing with prostitutes.

Usually when it’s drinking beer the men will whore and go home tomorrow morning.

The karaoke business becomes a lucrative business field during Dolly and Distance is still operational.


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