Small Crimes At Dolly And Jarak

At the localization of prostitution Dolly and Jarak Surabaya at that time gathered various perpetrators of crime. One of the crimes is a case of fraud.

Cases of fraud occur a lot in Dolly and Distance made by impostors great.

The fraudsters are domiciled in Dolly and Jarak by renting a house, renting a car, and styling the rich. They look very cool and handsome.

They clustered to fraud with the target visitors in whore localization.

Material for the usual fraud of luxury brand watches Rolex fake. There are important points about deception and why someone can be deceived?

One basic reason why a person can be deceived is because of greedy.

The greedy person is the one who always feels lacking despite being rich or fulfilled all the necessities of his life. So always feel the poor will be treasure.

In his mind was never satisfied with the existing possessions. Do not want to know the advice of others because that is heard only the voice of his own heart.

Many victims of fraud in Dolly and Jarak but they do not do anything. All victim never report to police..the victim by fraud if they criminal cheated big money until million rupiah.


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