Dollywood Surabaya

Now life in Dolly and Jarak has changed !!!! Since being closed for prostitution business now is much better. This means that no change no more beautiful and sexy prostitutes are seen peddling in homes.

Prostitute is not visible.

But the name of the business, there are always many ways to make money in this world. It turned out that prostitutes are always everywhere despite prostitution Dolly and Distance is no longer operating.

Dolly and Distance are no longer prostitutes but the brothels are different ways to offer sex lovers, harlot lovers in other ways.

Only at night in the Dolly area and Jarak there are some men who serve merely to prostitutes to anyone who is passing by.

How to offer whores done individually and secretly.

This is a very effective way of selling prostitutes and offering to longtime customers or sex lovers. The price is very high and sex in the hotel with a short time.

Currently 2017 it costs around Rp300-Rp500 for a short time of about 3 hours. Payment can be negotiable on the premises or at the hotel.

Prostitutes will be escorted with a service provider or take a taxi ride to the hotel. Business whores always live anywhere.


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