It Is Means

Dolly and Jarak of a prostitute whore who does not know the various holidays. The important points in Dolly and Jarak are money and money.

Business is business.

Prostitution business becomes the driving force for other businesses. Turnover of money in Dolly and Jarak tens of millions of rupiah per day !!!!

All cash.

Sex lovers pay cash to get prostitutes either at Dolly or at Jarak. To pay for drinks at the bar or karaoke also cash.

Dolly Localization and Jarak of a lost name in Surabaya because the two names are never deleted as real names.

Dolly’s name does not exist in prostitution Dolly and Jarak.

But the name became a living legend in the city of Surabaya. A name embedded in for all citizens of Surabaya city in particular like or dislike.


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