Impact Of Crime

Dolly and Jarak became the target for the security to look for the quarry. Police often target Dolly and jarak areas to find game hits, catch the criminal always spend they time at Dolly and Jarak.

So far, criminals often live in business whore localization.

The reason is simple very easy to live in the localization of Dolly and Distance because as long as have free money to rent a room or boarding.

Homeowners do not want to know who you are as long as you pay then the business is over.

The crime rate at Dolly and Distance was very high then. The criminals made Dolly and Distance the best location to gather or plan small-scale crime.

Authors often see criminals gather and share stories about their crimes.

Locals are also involved in crime. But citizens who know never bothered by them. For the local people let the evil remain evil because there is a law.

The good person is still good person.

Why take care of them because there are Police who deal with the problem of crime. The criminals also realize that he has a balanced opponent.


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